Monday, July 4, 2016

More Ragnaroks Inbound

Recently, a client contacted me about the possibility of building some sort of a heavy tank for his IG.  He sent me a picture of an Ork tank that he had seen online.  I sent him the picture on the right and asked if something like that would suit;  he said yes and so it was on.  As I was planning on building another for myself anyway, I decided that this was as good a time as any to begin.

I started by recreating the templates I used to make the side armor and turret of the original.  Recreating?  Yeah some idiot (me) lost the file that the originals were in.  Here's what it looks like. If you want to do this yourself, print the templates so that the scale is 1" square.


I attach the template to 0.030" plasticard using spray adhesive and cut to shape; the paper over the plastic along with a straight edge helps to keep the blade from wandering

Here all the pieces are cut out:

The side armor panels are 'dressed up with 0.06" C-channel which helps to add some texture giving the illusion of detail.

Spacers are made from 3/16" and 1/4" tubing 5/32" long.  The 3/16" spacers fit over the pins on the inside of the track pieces:

 A section of doubled track is used to set the spacing.  The doubled track is reinforced with a bit of plasticard.

I attach the side panels and temporarily assemble the hull:  Looks pretty mean:

 Attaching the demolisher hull top requires a bit of cutting to fit and filling with platsticard:

 The completed main hull:
  The new KV-2 style turret is built up from plasticard with some structural shapes for reinforcement.

The magnetized gun mount;  this one is really over-built as the client wanted to use an old metal Demolisher cannon which is heavy and requires a lot of support:
 I used the circle cutter and structural pieces to build up the turret ring and mount.
The trackguards are built up from plasticard and 0.10" C-Channel.

 Here's the finished product:

 The client's remark when he saw it in person: "Man, this things a beast!"

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