Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ecclesiarch Super Heavy Exorcist -- The Rules

OK, if you follow FTW, you may have seen the Super-Heavy Exorcist(s) that I'm building for my wife. I'll do the second half of the construction post at FTW; what I wanted to pursue here is the data sheet for this monster. I'd like all of you Apocalyptically-inclined folks to help me out here with the data sheet if you could.

The hull is a Baneblade hull so it should follow those armor values. The other weapons; e.g. hull Demolisher cannon, sponson twin-linked Multi-meltas and turret mounted inferno (hellhound) cannons have well established rules; the missile launcher (aka the Pipe-Organ-o-doom) is another matter.

OK, I figure since this thing is larger, uses 2 loader servitors, and larger rockets, that the stats should be upgraded -- maybe 1+ D6 shots S9 AP1 Apocalyptic Barrage. My reasoning on 1+D6 is that with two servitors, it should always be able to get off 2 shots per turn. Thoughts? Overpowered, under powered or about right?

Also I'm looking for help on pointing this thing out -- a standard Baneblade runs 500 pts, should an Ecclesiarch run 600 pts?

I'm also looking at additional special rules like:

Holy Shrine: All Adeptus Sororitas units within 12" gain +1 A and Preferred Enemy as they fight to prevent defilement at the hands of the enemy.

Ok, so the floor is open, what are your thoughts on this beast?

PS, I promise that the rest of the construction article will go up next week.

UPDATE:  The datasheet I've written for the Ecclesiarch can be found here


Gotthammer said...

What range were you thinking on it?

Personally I'd make it 2D6 shots per turn at around 600-700 points depending on the range of the launcher.
D6+1 just doesn't seem like enough of a boost for a superheavy's weapon system - more the like of a Land Raider varient to me.
The larger volume of shots is somewhat kept in check by it being both random and confined to the Apoc blast template, so you can't rain 12 large blasts on a horde and hope for massive scatter.

That said as it is a barrage weapon and Str9 it will be deadly against other superheavies, as the Apoc template does not scatter and will be able to cover a large enough target with all 5 blasts.
One thought is to use the apoc template for direct fire, but the 10" template for indirect, with the blast strength being D6+4 AP3 to represent the larger spread of missiles raining down.

Also does it give faith points? Or could it give a bonus to the faith pool like allowing one automatic use of an act of faith per game?

- Lord Inquisitor Lukas Maratine said...

I would Think 2D6would be fair, as well as possibly Gotthammer's idea of Direct and IDF.

I would estimate points cost at about 650, with the Stormlord/Shadowsword options ala: replace sponsons with extra armor, upping to av14, or add extra sponsons of hb/mm for 100.

Just thoughts.


James Stonhold said...

Hi There I am very impressed with your 3 Ecclesiarch Super Heavies , so much so that I am currently building one. I have been finding the loading racks for the shells tricky , have you any tips? In addition have you considered a DataSheet for the 7Th Edition?