Saturday, November 16, 2013

Codex Inquisition: First impressions

Rules wise, first thing that I see is I can take a special detachment with an HQ and optionally another HQ and 3 elites, and still have a different allied detachment;  cool.  Now what can I do with that?  An Inquisitor upgraded to a psyker is a measly 55 pts,  half of what I'm paying for a generic Rune Priest and a Chooser, for a roll on the Divination table (e.g. Prescience). Now add 3 servo skulls to give a big bronx cheer to Scouts and Infiltrators and we're just under the points of a naked DA Librarian.... This has possibilities.

Lots of new fluff, some nice pictures of some female Witch Hunters, lots of inspiration for new conversion madness.  Valeria is gone, sadly (undoubtedly fallout of the Chapterhouse debacle)  Still have lots to go through for ideas.  Inquisitorial Chimeras can take Psybolt Ammo -- I may have to bring back my Black Mariah -- a conversion I did long ago with a Predator Turret and a heavy bolter. Fun times

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

GW dropping more hints on the Inquisiton Codex

Can be found here.  I am loving the direction GW is going with the digital editions (from what I've seen so far)