Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For the Khan!

I've been working adding to the White Scars lately, specifically bikers:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ecclesiarch #3 Completed

This one's done and shipped.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it next to her sisters.  Oh well...

People have been asking about the rules, they can be found here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ecclesiarch #3 WIP Update 2

Made great progress over the weekend, finished the sponson conversions, the missile racks and the servitors.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ecclesiarch #3 - WIP Update #1

Just thought I'd post a WIP update on the Ecclesiarch commission. I completed the hull modifications  needed to mount the organist's cockpit and the front plate by lengthening the upper hull by a 1/4" or so, then building a deck from sheet styrene to mount it on.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ecclesiarch Number 3

Yep, I'm building another.  I've been commissioned to build the third one of these beauties.  When it's done I'll take a family portrait with it's sisters and the babies (regular Exorcists) just for grins. The other two can be seen here and here

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I couldn't help myself when I saw the Scion Commander with the big coat; it just screamed "CREEEEEEEEEED !" to me.  So, I endeavored to make a sort of Vostroyan Creed (Creedokov? Creedin?", and of course a Kell to go with him.  Two of the Scion beret heads have nice mustaches (it's part of the Vostroyan uniform, you know) so I chose the most grandiose mustache to be Creed and the other to be Kell.

For Creed, I wanted to portray his being armed with two hotshot laspistols.  The dagger in the left-hand didn't really say Creed to me, so instead I went with a laspistol from a Cadian sprue; the coat hides the back of the pistol allowing it to pass for a hotshot.  The only real other modification for the model was to sculpt a fur hat over the beret.

Kell required a bit more modification, first off, to look a bit more Vostroyan, he needed a longer coat, courtesy of green stuff; here, I wanted to make the coat long enough to fit the Vostroyan look but short enough to keep all of the armor details on the leg visible

For Kell's left arm, I went with the Baton arm, and grafted the power sword to it.  The right arm holding the regimental standard is the power fist of course, with the thumb removed and replaced with green stuff to allow Kell to grip the standard. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

NOVA Open 2014

I played the in NOVA Open GT this year with Space Wolves with allied IG, the reverse of last year. I
ended up going 3 and 5 this year,  a bit disappointing since I was playing for a bracket title at one point but considering I was using the new SW codex for the first time and had only concocted the list the night before, it was a good learning experience.  So here was my list:


HQ:  Wolf Lord in Terminator Armor with Combi-Melta and Power Axe


6x Grey Hunters with melta gun, WG in TDA with Storm Shield and Combi-melta in a drop pod
8x GH with plasma gun, WG in TDA with Power Axe and Combi-plasma in a drop pod
8x GH with plasma gun, WG in TDA with Power Axe and Combi-plasma in a drop pod


2x Drop Pods (heh heh -- because I can)


Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers with Flak



Pask in a Punisher, HB x 3, Exterminator wingman with HB x 3


Infantry Platoon

PCS with 3 Melta Guns in a Chimera

2 x Infantry squads with AutoCannon (these guys rode down in the empty pods)

40 Conscripts


1 Wyvern

Record:  L-W-L-L-W-W-L-L.

I won't really deepend on bat reps, but I'll give the highlights:

Game One:  vs Clan Rakuun w/ LOTD,  We ended up tied on Primaries and Secondaries, but I lost on the points destroyed.  Really made one big mistake on my final drop that cost me the game -- went after his warlord rather than an objective. derp.

Game Two:  vs a cool guy I played 2 years ago, Ultramarines disguised as Dark Angels, including a Storm Talon disguised as a Nephilum, overall a cool game, another close one but won on primaries.

Game Three:  vs a GK (old dex) Crowe, 2 Dreadknights, 20 purifiers, a Storm Raven and an Imperial Knight -- pretty forgettable game, only kill-point mission, I should have gone for modified KP, might have helped, but,  I screwed up my first drops trying to alpha strike the rock, payed for it.  Meh, opponent had the personality of a door knob.

Game Four: VS White Scars disguised as Ultramarines (which pissed off my UM playing son to no end)  nice net-list, pal.

Game Five: vs MORE MARINES!!! High point of this game was watching a thunderfire cannon shoot point-blank at my Grey Hunters and miss...  then the Tech Marine got killed by a grey hunter using his bare hands.   I used aggressive drops to keep my opponent on the defensive, having to drop his own pods in his own back field.

Give Six: vs.... UltraSquats!  WHAT??  Yeah Squat models using Ultramarine rules with Marneus, Tigurius and resin drill pods as his drop pods, also he was using some converted Starship Trooper models as Centurions... So this was an epic game -- we went long since it was the last game of the day and they announced that they wouldn't enforce the time limit.  Ultra cool opponent.  Highlights:  Tigurius perils, rolls a 1, uh oh, passes leadership, takes a wound.  Tigurius perils again, rolls a 1, OH SHIT!, Fails his leadership, gets sucked into the warp! The other highlight of this game was using the consripts bolstered by the Wolf Lord and the Priest to tie up Marneus and his Centurion body-guards for most of the game.

Game Seven: vs NIDS, opponent was cool, played a good game, I'm glad I played him rather than the other Nid player who was slow-playing like you wouldn't believe -- most of her games got to turn 2 when time was called.  Talked to some friends who played her and had nothing good to say.  The bracket final ended up being Nids vs Nids, and unfortunately, ms slow-play won.  I suspect my opponent from this game just said screw-it and left half way through his last game.

Game Eight: vs Eldar,  good game, the conscripts charged his Wraith Knight and said "Welcome to the Tar-Pit!"  tied up the Wraith Knight from turn-two.  Fun.  Good game all around even if  I lost.

Overall:  Really enjoyed most of my games, enjoyed having folks I'd played in previous years come up to say hello, and really enjoyed having folks come up to me to ask if they could take pictures of my army!  One guy even wanted to take Pask and a couple of troopers over to where he had better light!  (I kept my eye on him...)  Another great event by the NOVA Open staff.

I didn't get any pictures myself but my son got some shots from his cell phone:

Amazingly, this guy left this sitting out on the floor overnight

One thing that bothered me on the paint judging:

Here was one of the finalists:  Notice any wrong with this picture?  No?  The Knights really aren't based.  Also the two components of the army look like they were painted by 2 different people, just an observation...

That's all.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Long Boats...IN SPACE!

I'm definitely digging the Storm Wolf/Storm Fang.  Now that GW has put out a few more pics and a 360 view, I think it's a given that I'll be getting one.  Too bad that I won't be able to use it at the NOVA this year.

Interestingly, there's a great deal of re-use of elements from other kits, such as the Storm-Talon canopy and partof of the engines, the Storm-Raven sponsons and ramp.  Really ties together nicely with the other Astartes flyers.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too cool

Can't understand a word he's saying, But it is cool to see a working KV-2.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

7th Edition By the Numbers -- Charging Through Terrain

I plan on math-hammering some of the changes in 7th Ed that I think are interesting to look at mathematically.  Here's the first:

One of the rumored changes is that when charging through terrain, instead of using the current method of rolling 3D6 and dropping the highest to determine the charge distance that instead it's a simple -2" to the charge distance (e.g. 2D6 - 2).   So what does that do really?

Below is  a graph of the probability of a particular charge distance being rolled for both methods:
Blue is the old method, Red is the new method.
 The obvious thing is that now it's possible to roll a 0" charge range -- and sit there holding your pickle (or whatever) after taking overwatch shots, and it's now impossible to roll anything over 10"; but, when you look at the odds of rolling an 11 or 12 with the old method, you odds were pretty remote anyway (1% and 0.5% respectively)

But really, the odds of rolling a given range are less important than the odds of  making a given charge (i.e. the odds of rolling that range or more)  I've plotted those odds below:

Looked at this way, the two methods are actually pretty close. 

But what about fleet?  Does re-rolling 3 dice vs 2 make a huge difference?  As it turns out, at 6", it's a difference of 7%, hardly  game-breaking.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7th Ed -- What the FOC?

So the news has dropped that 7th Ed will allow for lists that ignore the FOC, and across the internet, people are declaring that THIS is the last straw... THIS is the end of 40K.... Really?  Damn, these folks must be a helluvalot smarter than me to reach this conclusion based on the vague text from White Dwarf.  Let us remember that the current FOC allows such fun things as Seer-Star, Screamer-Star, Centurion-Star, Demon Flying Circus.... um... you get the point.  The article also vaguely states that if you use a FOC list, you get bonuses in game, flipped around that means that non-FOC lists get penalties versus a FOC list.  So in any event, I plan to wait and see the full rules before I start planning the funeral.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The nuclear option

"We got tactical smart missiles, phase plasma pulse rifles, RPGs. We got sonic, electronic ball breakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks."

I originally built this to run as a Vortex Missile in Apocalypse games, I think it has actually gotten a shot off once (it seems to draw a lot of fire for some reason)   I may start including this beast  as a Deathstrike in my lists for the lols if nothing else.

The missile came with a playset that my wife got for my kid, he outgrew it but then Apocalypse came along and re-purposing occurred.

The launcher is an insert that slides into a generic Chimera chassis that has been host to a Hydra and/or a Colossus Mortar, I used a combination of plastic tubing the mount from a dozer blade and some sheet styrene.  It tilts from travel position to launch position.

Getting back to the opening quote, I've got models for all of those goodies, except one... Guess I need to build some Sgts. with power-mauls.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Real World Wyvern

Found this today, the AMOS (Advanced Mortar System).  Strikes me as a sort of real-world Wyvern.

Also, an idea for a Tallarn Hydra, it's even open-topped.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Battlescribe data file for Astra Militarum -- Updated (again)

I've modified an IG data file to cover the Astra Militarum codex.  Look here if you're a Battlescribe user and would like to try it out.  Feel free to give me feedback. There's another one here that's not my work.  There's also a Militarum Tempestus data file here which is not my work.

 --- UPDATE ---
I've updated the file with corrections that I found after building a few lists.

A few more corrections and some profiles added

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Astra Militarum codex first look

So I'll look at the new codex by way of comparison to the old codex,  Let's take my NOVA Open 2013 list as a starting point:

Company Command Squad                           50+55+45 =  150
    3x Plasma

Vendetta w/ HB x 2                                        140 x 2    =  280

Infantry Platoon
    PCS w/ 3 x Flamers                                                          45
    SWS w/ 3 x Flamers                                                         50
    4x Infantry Squad with ML                            65 x4   =  260

Veterans w/ 3x Plasma                                                  =   115

Manticore                                                                       =   160
Leman Russ Eradicator w/ 3x HB                                 =   180

Njal                                                                                =   245
Rune Priest                                                                    =   100
10x Grey Hunters w/ 2x melta in Drop Pod                 =   190

Aegis Defense Line with Comms Relay                       =     70

So a nice 1240 points of guard and 605 points of Wolves and Fortifications.  Fortunately, I didn't use any of the now gone options, so I can do a direct comparison:

Astra Militarum:

CCS, Chimera, 3x Plasma    60 + 65 + 45                  =   170

2x Vendetta w/ HB sponsons    (170 + 20)x2             =   380 (OUCH!)

PCS  w/ 3x flamers                                                      =     45
SWS w/ 3x flamers                                                      =     45
4x Inf squad w/ ML                                                     =   260

Veterans w/ 3x Plasma                                                 =  105

Manticore                                                                     =  170
Eradicator w/ 3x HB                                                    =  140

For a grand total of 1315 points, so 75 more points.  So to make this work I need to find 70 points (I was 5 points under after all)  I can get 40 points easily by dropping the HB sponsons on the Vendettas, now I just need 30 more points;  Well, the 100 point Rune Priest is primarily a Divination bot, but then again, I could swap Njal for a level 2 RP with Runic Armor and a chooser for 180 vs Njals 245; that leaves me with 35 points to play with.  Maybe a Priest to join the blob?  Many possibilities, also for the price of the upgrades on the level 2 RP, I could just use a Primaris Psyker
as another divination caster.  Heh, heh, with some juggling I could have a 5 divination psykers just using the AM and SW books.  That's a lot of chances to get the powers you want. 

This is all just minor tweaks to my list from last year; If I go for a complete overhaul, I'm sure I can do better.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rules for Militarus Tempestus Scions and Taurox, Taurox Prime

Can be found here.   Hmm... The Taurox is not Fast, The Taurox Prime is and is also BS4.  The Taurox is at the points cost previously mentioned, a Space Marine in a Rhino; the Prime is two Space Marines more.  So, barring some serious nerfage of the Chimera, I don't see myself replacing Chimeras with Taurox.

Also ridiculous premium for a power weapon on an WS3, S3 humie.  Hotshot Volly Gun is reasonably priced, I think.

And really, an orphan schooled from birth, has the same Ld as a Veteran Guardsman?  Face Palm.

Other nuggets for the IG however, the Vehicle Upgrades!  Cost of a Dozer Blade halved, as is the cost of a Storm Bolter or Heavy Stubber.

White Scars Scouts

My first Troop unit(s) for the White Scars!  These guys are a mix of plastic and metal scouts that were laying around.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Teaser Video for Militarum Tempestus up

Teaser video for the Militarum Tempestus is up on the GW site here.  So my thoughts on the TM?  Looks like a mini-dex for Storm Troopers/Arbites. Perhaps a way of including ST's in any Imperial army; so Inq/GK's/SoB get there Inquisitorial ST's/Arbites back.

As for the models that have leaked, the ST models look OK, though I'd rather use helmets than berets on these guys.  The Taurox looks like they started with an Ork Battlewagon and worked backwords to de-orkify it; not a fan.  If the rules are such that I want one, I'll build something from scratch or convert something.  As for the Ogryn/Bullgryn?  meh.  I have a box of WHFB Ogres that I bought long ago that I'll convert to fit with my Vostroyans

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well that was fast.

Finished my Void Shield Generator on Saturday, used it in a tournament on Sunday, published the construction
article on Monday, now it's invalidated by there being an actual GW model.

First White Scars

Since I have a nice Storm Talon for them, I figured I should start painting some troops.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Void Shield Generator -- UPDATE!

UPDATE! Clearly, GW has gotten wind of my plans for galactic domination!

Stronghold Assault includes an entry for a Void Shield Generator, the rules for it are pretty cool although a bit vague in places and if interpreted literally (as many do) a bit silly. No model exists for the entry which is described as an impassable building with battlements, so how big is it?  My friendly local T.O. posted up some specific rules on his blog here.  I had already built one model for a shield generator, but I decided to build another according to his specs.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bitz Box Coteaz with 50% more grim-dark

A while back, I acquired most of a fine-cast Coteaz model; I had the body and the hammer.  However, I
was missing the left hand and the psyber-eagle.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Lit-up Storm Talon Edition

Having lit up a Land Raider, I've now decided to light up a Storm Talon. There are a lot of potential things to light up on the Talon, the main engine exhausts, the hover nozzles the instrument panel and the headlight; I opted for all of the above.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

NOVA Open Registration Starts TODAY

Copy / paste from the post from MVB / Naftka. I only really attend one major event each year, the NOVA Open.  Always have a great time.  I've also volunteered to help with the terrain build this year; even drafted my wife and my son.

link to original post here: http://natfka.blogspot.com/2014/01/nova-open-registration-begins_31.html#more


Registration for the 5th Annual NOVA Open - Washington, DC's Tabletop Wargaming Convention - begins this Saturday at 10AM US Eastern Time, February 1st.
The NOVA Open occurs from Thursday, August 28 - Sunday, August 31, 2014.
Full details and information on the schedule and events can be found at http://novaopen.com

Here's a quick-hitter on some highlights for this year ...

Every year we hear people surprised at what else they could have done if only they'd known!
For instance, it's a totally conflict-free schedule experience to participate in the 40K GT, an Infinity Hunger Games activity, a Sunday single-day tournament in a smaller event, The Hitchhiker's Guide to a Successful GT Experience and the 40K Narrative Nightfighter's track event. Look at it carefully - see what all you can get into to make the most of your experience :)

The SuperNOVA Program
Previously titled the "VIP" Program, we changed the name to better reflect the NOVA "brand" if you will, and also because it didn't seem right to call people VIPs just for buying a more expensive and swanky pass ... you're all VIP to us (and cheesy as it sounds, anyone who knows us well will tell you we're dead serious about that).

So the SuperNOVA Bags are limited to 80 items, and then they're gone. They sell FAST. The purchase of the bag this year includes the cost of your weekend badge (to make things simpler), and also includes as usual a KR MultiCase. In addition to the below, you gain access to the SuperNOVA registration quick-line and army/personal item storage perks.

If you're in your first year of the SuperNOVA program (counting when it was named "VIP"), you'll receive a KR BackPack 2 ($82.49 value)
If you're in your second year of the program, you can choose a Kaiser2 or another BackPack 2.
If you're in your third year of the program, you'll for the first time be able to select a Kaiser3 (50% larger than the other two in terms of model capacity)

Once you purchase a SuperNOVA at any point in time, any subsequent NOVA you attend includes (whether you SuperNOVA again or not) a Buy One Get One Free from KR along with your registration materials. It allows you to acquire one KR Card Case with Custom Foam (or core foam or no foam if you really want) free with the purchase of one, basically 50% off filling your BackPack or Kaiser2 bags. You get one every subsequent year you attend for life. Daryl Elms @ KR Multicase is a pretty amazing guy.

The bags are also loaded with limited edition and vendor-supplied swag. They include everything from beer steins to special gifts matched to the army you select during check-out, and tons in between. The total net value of the items in the bag and the bag itself typically comes to several hundred dollars' worth of items.

NOVA Open 40K GT
The NOVA Open's 40K GTs is one of the better known 40K events out there, and is one of the largest singles GTs on the planet (256 player, a la AdeptiCon and LVO). With a unique bracketing system that ensures most players wind up facing their peers for most of the weekend, and a huge array of prizes tuned to all different player types, it's consistently one of our highest rated and best attended events. It's specifically designed to allow all player types the opportunity to compete for prizes, recognition and good old fashioned fun against their list/competitive peers - you don't need to just bring a beat-face Tau or Eldar list to win swag and have a great time at the NOVA! Tickets sold out last year, and have sold faster and faster with each passing year. Don't miss yours!

NOVA Open Narrative Tickets - Warlord and Nightfighter Tracks
The NOVA Open Narrative more than doubled last year, and surveys/interest seem to imply it'll do so again. Further, we've made a portion of the Narrative - the Warlord Track - a full-on GT-level 7-game event, inclusive of 3 day and 4 night games (first game is Thursday at night), as well as social activities and daily "Model UN Styled" planning sessions where the Narrative Warlords directly impact the mission direction and player deployment of the larger open-attended Nightfighter track.

If you're playing in the 40K GT and want to get some awesome games in with really innovative missions and rules battling across LED-lit boutique terrain ... participate in the Nightfighter track, scheduled to allow participation in both.

If you're looking for a full weekend of awesome Narrative gaming participating in a unique universe of the NOVA's creation, fueled by player participation, participate in the Warlords Track. There are only ABOUT THIRTY TWO SPOTS available for the Warlord Track, with only 16 initial offerings per Faction (Virtue or Human). If you want in this, you'd better sign up fast!

40K Trios Team Tournament
In order to make participation less grueling, and also to give Trios players the opportunity to participate in the Narrative events, we've pushed the Trios event to Thursday in entirety - all three rounds will begin and end that day. In the past, you've had to play Trios at night after a long GT day. This innovative Team Tournament is also NO HOLDS BARRED - the singles lists each player will use once over the course of 3 rounds can include ANY units in the game - from Escalation to Forgeworld. This is one of our legacy 40K events, under a management upgrade of veteran NOVA organizer James Watkins plus three-time Trios champion Troy Esposito. They're passionate about bringing an awesome event to start your NOVA Open experience.

The dedicated folks over at A Few Maneuvers are running a HUGE array of X-Wing events all weekend long at the NOVA Open this year, and we're super excited about it (as well as about their excitement). Many of these may sell pretty quick given the rising popularity of the game and the incredible team running the events. We're also working on building MASSIVE X-Wing spacecraft to have "human-sized" X-Wing demos and mini-games. More to come.

The NOVA Open introduced a full weekend of day and night Infinity events last year, after kicking the game off well in 2012. Infinity enters its third year at the NOVA under the direction of stellar lead Craig Roberts and a dramatically-upgraded terrain building project. Check out the entire primer and weekend of events at the NOVA Open site (where all primers are located), novaopen.com. The swag for this event is especially appealing - everybody gets something direct from Corvus Belli on top of winners' prizes. Further, expect some really special prizes - last year Corvus Belli's entire staff of owners, designers, artists, writers, etc., all drew custom notes and sketch artwork on the inside cover of several hardback rulebooks addressed specifically to NOVA attendees, and sent them over as prize support (handed out both to event winners and based upon random draws among Infinity attendees)!

Brendon Caulkins spent the past several years constantly building the success of Warmachine and Hordes at the NOVA Open. This year we are proudly a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier, and it looks to be an even better year than ever before, with new open gaming / iron arena and boutique terrain tables being added, and a stronger and more focused array of events spread across the schedule.

Malifaux and Blood Bowl
Both of these game systems will be at the NOVA Open this year. We're finalizing plans with the new leads who've stepped up, and we're VERY excited about it. We'll have more information on these after Registration, anticipating the opening of sales for these events and info about them by (ideally) mid-February.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to a Successful GT Experience
What does it mean to experience a "successful" GT? This interactive seminar will certainly involve discussion about how best to play the missions and format of the NOVA Open's 40K GT, but it will also include discussion about the best way to leave the NOVA on Sunday feeling like your weekend was exciting and successful regardless of the outcome of your games on the tabletop. It's not just how you play the game, but how you treat and interact with your opponents that matters. Further, you're in Washington, D.C. for four days - get some local insight on the best things for you and your friends/family/significant others to do while you're there! Hear from organizers and veteran attendees while observing gaming examples and getting a last minute fire drill on the best way to "succeed" at the 2014 NOVA Open.

Seminars at the NOVA Open
The Seminars at the NOVA have grown in popularity and coverage every year. This will be their best year yet. Courses offered include a full suite of amazing art classes taught by Justin McCoy and Caleb Wissenback. Additionally, Joe Orteza of AdeptiCon fame will be joining us to teach his renowned classes teaching you to Lose Your Fear of Green Stuff. Also of note - the Build Your Own Display Board class introduced successfully and quite popularly last year is being advanced in 2014 - we'll be joined by the 11th Company's Tactical Terrain master, Eric, and Chris Michaels of Powered Play Gaming. They'll combine to teach an amazing build-and-take that brings you from a little bit of pink foam through a fully LED-lit and useable display board to show off your minis all NOVA Open long. Chris and Eric will also be teaching separate courses on lighting your models and building your own terrain, respectively. Don't miss any of these before they sell out!

Capital Palette Independent Figure Art Competition
The Capital Palette took off in an amazing way in 2013, and it's looking to dramatically expand in 2014 into one of the premier figure art competitions in the country. You can register models on an individual basis, or you can buy a pass that gives you unlimited submissions. To encourage even more participation this year despite the incredible competition, we'll also be giving away some amazing prizes based purely on participation and submission of entries to the exhibition. Show off your best work and sneak some listens in at the display area as people oooh and aaah all weekend long. The prizes for this event are off the charts - including top tier Grex Airbrushes in every prize category.

Free Charity Lounge Talks
Last year the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation secured a charitable ABC license and rented out the Presidential Suite atop the Hyatt Regency, with fantastic views of Crystal City and Washington, DC, and hosted special guests, staff and SuperNOVA bag purchasers all weekend long. This year we're opening it up to EVERYONE! Come on up and enjoy discount beverages (100% of the proceeds go to the charities supported by the Foundation) while listening in on a variety of talks all weekend long given by game developers, artists, industry experts and more. There'll be a full itinerary of Lounge Talks forthcoming as we get closer to the NOVA proper, but subjects may include "How to Break Into the Industry," "How to Run Your Own Con or GT - Panel Talk" and "An Inside Look at Designing and Developing a Successful Wargame." Want to hear the developer of your favorite skirmish game talk to you about how he came up with the rules while sipping your favorite beer or whiskey and occasionally glancing at the Washingon Monument out the window? Yup! You'll be able to hang in the lounge and participate in the Lounge Talks just by having a Con Pass.

Besides all of this, there'll be a TON more activity in the vendor hall, in a new demo row and with a bunch of side activities that add much more "Fun stuff" for the average attendee to do while they're at the NOVA. Already on our list of demo companies, by the way? Dropzone Commander, that's who! Many more are in early talks.

Who is signing up this Saturday? What are you signing up for? We're all a little exhausted, hard at work getting everything as close to perfect as we can ... but we can't WAIT to see everyone at this year's NOVA ... our 5th Anniversary will be our best yet!

-Mike Brandt