Monday, September 26, 2011

Ecclesiarch ready for paint (Finally!)

I finally think that this beast is ready for painting.    Since this monster is now finished, I decided to enter it into Miniature Wargame Conversion Conversions' September Contest.  I'd appreciate your vote here!
The last hold out was figuring out how to do the Inferno cannon on the sponson turrets -- IG Hellhound barrels are hard to come by.  Ultimately, I punted and decided to graft the Flame Storm barrels on instead.  Now, I just have to finish the other beast, and re-write the datasheet to fit with the new codex.   Meanwhile, enjoy some more pics:


The Inner Geek said...

This is quite amazing!

Virtual Stranger said...

This is fantastic!

The figures inside the "organ" are phenomenal.

Hudson said...


keith said...

Brilliant stuff!

Vvitus said...

Hello there!
Can't help but simply fall in love with the idea of a super heavy Exorcist on the battlefield.
Certainly I wouldn't mind seeing one next to my Sisters of Battle war hound titan.

You've built a purely awsome tank and hope to see it painted at some point in time.

I do wonder..Is it possible to pursuade you to link/send the updated data sheet for the new codex? Quite curious as to see what you've come up with for this beautiful machine.