Friday, February 24, 2012

Forgeworld -- 40K Expansion (via Warseer)

It looks like Forgeworld has a new rule set for a 40K expansion in the works; Zone Mortalis;  for fighting in enclosed spaces.  Here are the links:

Warseer Thread

It includes some of the rules for Boarding Actions from IA-9 which are very cool and adds a few new wrinkles for fighting in Underhive areas, caves such as Cave-ins, Tremors and Quakes.   Also added are rules for Reaction Fire -- reactive fire to assaults -- very cool stuff.  Also they've added some elements of Space Hulk such as blips which should make life even more interesting... Now if only I had a good piece of terrain....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Space Hulk Diorama

My FLGS is having a 40K diorama contest for the 25th Anniversary of 40K.  I decided to build on the success of my earlier Space Hulk terrain project and build a Space Hulk Diorama.  The rules for the competition state that the diorama must fit on a movement tray  -- 20cm x 20cm, have 5-10 models, and have a 40K theme.  I decided that my scene would be 5 terminators preparing to open a bulkhead door with a couple of gene-stealers lurking on the other side of the door, using the figures from the Space Hulk set.
I built the terrain piece first, cutting a 20cm long piece of vinyl gutter.   I then cut a slot for the bulkhead and cut the floor and bulkhead pieces to match.  The doorways are made from gutter down-spout bits cut short with a band-saw.   I added some pipes to set the scene  and add texture in the foreground and along rear wall.  Then I primed the whole thing first with Krylon Fusion Black, then Krylon Ruddy Brown spray primers. I did some preliminary weathering with gray and flat black sprays.



I then picked out the models to use for the terminators and the gene-stealers:  For the terminators, I wanted the heavy-flamer guy ready to cleanse whatever's behind the door, the thunder-hammer sergeant, the guy pointing will be activating the door (replacing the lightning claw guy in this picture), the Auspex guy, and another generic power-fist/storm bolter guy.

For the gene stealers, I knew I wanted the one popping out of the floor, and two others that look like they're climbing the walls.  I plan to paint the figures using the steps outlined by Ron at From the Warp.  Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kill Team Terrain/Space Hulk

A couple of years ago, the gaming club I was in did 3 linked tables for games day.  A BFG table, a 40k table, and a Space Hulk table, the hulk represented the interior of the space station:

The hulk affected the other tables as follows:  if you controlled one control room you could shoot into the BFG game, the other control room allowed you to do orbital bombardments.   I built the hallways of the station from pieces of vinyl gutters -- an idea I stole from an edition of Black Gobbo (remember Black Gobbbo? Why, GW did you discontinue that?)  My improvement was to take the terrain vertical.  Bridges connected the sections and provided the means to travel between levels.