Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hobby Goals for 2015

It's a new year so it's a good time to set some goals for 2015:

Imperial Guard:

1.  Build 2 truck chassis for my Wyverns;  I currently use  a half-track for my Manticore based on Dave Taylor's awesome truck templates.  I have a pair of Katyushka-style missile packs that I mount on a pair of generic chassis that have been used for everything from a Hydra to a Death Strike.  Time to get with the WW II Russian theme and mount them on a 6x6 Truck.  I plan to use the Blood and Skulls industries large truck tires and a scratch built chassis.

2.  Build a couple of BA-10 inspired armored cars based on the same truck chassis to use as Tauroxes;  Kinda the same deal as above but putting a troop compartment and turret on the chassis to use as a Taurox.  I've built kind of the prototype here, it just needs to be a 6x6 and have a turret added.

3.  Build two more of the Ragnarok pattern Leman Russes to run around with Pask, because one of these isn't enough.

4.  Besides the above I might look at building a Russ that is not stock but not quite a Ragnarok, something that still says WW II Russian but will fit the 40K universe, like the Ragnarok.  Also looking at building some basilisks.

5.  Build a badass display board.

White Scars:

1. Repaint my Storm Raven for the scars.

2. Finish up a bike command squad with everything people love to hate:  Storm Shields, Apothecary, and two more Grav Guns.

Space Wolves:

Finish up two Iron Priests on Thunder Wolves.