Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Previously, I'd always used my Baneblade as a Hellhammer; now that I've had my first game with the
new book, I've decided that the doubled range and the bigger pie-plate size of the Baneblade is more important than the S10 and AP1 of the Hellhammer.

Fortunately, I'd planned ahead when I orginally built it and magnetized the barrel and the sponson weapons.  Unfortunately, I never painted the barrel, so I had a bit of a challenge in matching the paint to the previously painted turret.  The good news is that a good soot effect hides many sins.

And side-by-side with my Shadow Sword.

Ready just in time for my next Apocalypse game.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lord Castellans Supreme Command

Looking through the Apocalypse book, I see that the IG section has updated the formation for
Creed's Supreme Command to just need a Company Command Squad with Creed,  full advisors, Jarran Kell, two body-guards and a Bastion.  The formation gives you some nice buffs as long as they're embarked in the Bastion:  2 extra strategic assets at each break and the
Master of Ordnance gets 1+D3 shots per shooting phase -- nice. I've never been a huge fan of the MoO due to the inaccuracy of his shooting, but with 1+D3 shots, he gets a bit more appealing. (And besides, it's Apocalypse, so why not?)

The Vostroyan Company Commander model looks sufficiently cool to make a good stand-in for Creed.  At first I thought that 'the Ancient' should work well enough for Kell (even if lacking a Power Fist), but I decided that I'd convert up a Vostroyan-ishKell using some Cadian command squad bits.

 As for the advisors, I have the old Demon Hunters Mystic as my Astropath, and Lt. Varras rom the Battle for Macragge set as my Officer of the Fleet,  I don't however have a MoO.  The GW model for the MoO is too Cadian in appearance, so I decided to make my own to fit in with the Vostroyans.

I started with the great coat body from the Bane Blade kit which nice and static looking -- after all he only shoots when he doesn't move. The head is likewise from the Bane Blade kit with the addition of a furry hat and a big mustache to complete the Vostroyan look.  I gave him a big pair of binoculars from one of the Empire kits to spot targets with and a vox caster to call in fire support.

Here's the whole crew, ready to go to war!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Apocalypse Now! (or two days ago)

I played my first game with the new Apocalypse book this weekend.  They've included some new rules that  mirror things like Warlord Traits, and some new strategic assets, and toned down some of the more broken rules like Flank March.  I really haven't used all of the rules but in general I thought that the game played a bit more smoothly than games in the previous version Apocalypse.  I'm still digesting the rules and will be adding some things to use some of the new formations.  After calculating the new points  I found that I could only field my 3 super heavies in my 2K allotment; some of my teammates were somewhat under, however which allowed me to add in some other toys :) 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Shadow Sword/Storm Lord/ ...

With the new Apocalypse book coming out, I figured it would be a good time to (finally) finish up my Shadow Sword/Storm Lord/etc.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Armies on Parade 2013

I entered Armies on Parade this year mostly just to round out the number of contestants to three.  Ended up coming in second which is fine with me since really all I did was to take my existing board and add a Skyshield  landing pad with and a Vendetta.  I then added a few Vostryans, and a 'greatest hits' of my vehicle conversions, the result can be seen below:


Here's the first place winner, a nicely done Space Wolves army with an awesome display board:
 And the third-place winner,  a Nid army using the old BfM terrain:
 That's all for now