Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lord Castellans Supreme Command

Looking through the Apocalypse book, I see that the IG section has updated the formation for
Creed's Supreme Command to just need a Company Command Squad with Creed,  full advisors, Jarran Kell, two body-guards and a Bastion.  The formation gives you some nice buffs as long as they're embarked in the Bastion:  2 extra strategic assets at each break and the
Master of Ordnance gets 1+D3 shots per shooting phase -- nice. I've never been a huge fan of the MoO due to the inaccuracy of his shooting, but with 1+D3 shots, he gets a bit more appealing. (And besides, it's Apocalypse, so why not?)

The Vostroyan Company Commander model looks sufficiently cool to make a good stand-in for Creed.  At first I thought that 'the Ancient' should work well enough for Kell (even if lacking a Power Fist), but I decided that I'd convert up a Vostroyan-ishKell using some Cadian command squad bits.

 As for the advisors, I have the old Demon Hunters Mystic as my Astropath, and Lt. Varras rom the Battle for Macragge set as my Officer of the Fleet,  I don't however have a MoO.  The GW model for the MoO is too Cadian in appearance, so I decided to make my own to fit in with the Vostroyans.

I started with the great coat body from the Bane Blade kit which nice and static looking -- after all he only shoots when he doesn't move. The head is likewise from the Bane Blade kit with the addition of a furry hat and a big mustache to complete the Vostroyan look.  I gave him a big pair of binoculars from one of the Empire kits to spot targets with and a vox caster to call in fire support.

Here's the whole crew, ready to go to war!

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