Monday, September 26, 2011

Ecclesiarch ready for paint (Finally!)

I finally think that this beast is ready for painting.    Since this monster is now finished, I decided to enter it into Miniature Wargame Conversion Conversions' September Contest.  I'd appreciate your vote here!
The last hold out was figuring out how to do the Inferno cannon on the sponson turrets -- IG Hellhound barrels are hard to come by.  Ultimately, I punted and decided to graft the Flame Storm barrels on instead.  Now, I just have to finish the other beast, and re-write the datasheet to fit with the new codex.   Meanwhile, enjoy some more pics:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Next army: Highlander Space Marines?

So, I'm thinking of taking a break from the Vostroyans to work on a Space Marine army.  Several possiblities spring to mind.  I have some Grey Knights from several years ago,  I also have a fair number of Space Wolves  -- a couple of squads of Grey Hunters, a squad of Blood Claws, some Terminators, Logan, and Njal.  Some of these are painted in the traditional Shadow Gray/Space Wolves Gray scheme... Meh...

A few years ago, my FLGS had a create your own chapter contest which required painting up a basic trooper in the chapter livery.  My chapter was "The Black Watch" and I did this guy:
Hmm... Scottish mythology does align nicely with the Space Wolves:  Werewolves (Wulfen) are after all a Scottish myth.  You know, I could easily see the guys in the top picture on this page using Space Wolves rules.  Plus doing the Tartan on the loincloths (can't see doing kilts on power armor, loincloths will have to do) and the hackle on top of the helmets will make the army stand out.