Monday, June 27, 2011

Armies on Parade 2011

So I entered my Vostroyans into my (sorta) local GW's Armies on Parade contest.  Did I win?  Umm.. No.  Did I expect to?  Not really, but I wanted to enter because I had said that I would.  We ended up having a good turn out; 8 entries.  Full disclosure; I started on my display board the night before.

Here's my humble entry:  Vostroyan CO, with CCS, Firstborn squad (Veterans), Al Rahem (err Alexi Romanov) and platoon, Marbov,  two chimeras and my Katyusha Manticore

Here's the First place winner, Sam's awesomely converted Ork army:

Second Place went to Val's Son's of Medusa, on an awesome diorama:

Val's army includes some great free-hand work:

Third went to a nicely painted WHFB Chaos army (Sorry, I didn't catch the owner's name)

In all we had 6 40k entries, a WHFB entry, and a LOTR entry.  Nice full spread.  In addition to the ticket, the winner got his choice of recent Black Box models -- he chose the Dread Knight which he plans to Orkify -- replacing the Termie with a Nob.  After the top 3 got their picks, the rest of us got a crack at what was left -- I ended up getting a unit of High Elf Dragon Princes which my son plans to convert for use as Blood Knights.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ecclesiarch -- Super Heavy Exorcist, Part II

Wow, it's been over a year... Here's an update on the Ecclesiarch.  When I last posted, I had the basic superstructure of this beast built and needed to add details.  First up was some over-the-top bling for the sides.  I took some inspiration for the side plates from the Fortress of Arrogance field of skulls combined with the Sister's Fleur-de-Lis icon.  For the skulls, I made a casting from the Cities of Death Imperial Basilica.  I combined the skulls with the Fluer-de-lis from the Immolator kit.  To tie it in with the Baneblade chassis, I framed the icons with 0.10" C-channel and added rivets with 1 mm plastic rod.