Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rules for Militarus Tempestus Scions and Taurox, Taurox Prime

Can be found here.   Hmm... The Taurox is not Fast, The Taurox Prime is and is also BS4.  The Taurox is at the points cost previously mentioned, a Space Marine in a Rhino; the Prime is two Space Marines more.  So, barring some serious nerfage of the Chimera, I don't see myself replacing Chimeras with Taurox.

Also ridiculous premium for a power weapon on an WS3, S3 humie.  Hotshot Volly Gun is reasonably priced, I think.

And really, an orphan schooled from birth, has the same Ld as a Veteran Guardsman?  Face Palm.

Other nuggets for the IG however, the Vehicle Upgrades!  Cost of a Dozer Blade halved, as is the cost of a Storm Bolter or Heavy Stubber.

White Scars Scouts

My first Troop unit(s) for the White Scars!  These guys are a mix of plastic and metal scouts that were laying around.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Teaser Video for Militarum Tempestus up

Teaser video for the Militarum Tempestus is up on the GW site here.  So my thoughts on the TM?  Looks like a mini-dex for Storm Troopers/Arbites. Perhaps a way of including ST's in any Imperial army; so Inq/GK's/SoB get there Inquisitorial ST's/Arbites back.

As for the models that have leaked, the ST models look OK, though I'd rather use helmets than berets on these guys.  The Taurox looks like they started with an Ork Battlewagon and worked backwords to de-orkify it; not a fan.  If the rules are such that I want one, I'll build something from scratch or convert something.  As for the Ogryn/Bullgryn?  meh.  I have a box of WHFB Ogres that I bought long ago that I'll convert to fit with my Vostroyans

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well that was fast.

Finished my Void Shield Generator on Saturday, used it in a tournament on Sunday, published the construction
article on Monday, now it's invalidated by there being an actual GW model.

First White Scars

Since I have a nice Storm Talon for them, I figured I should start painting some troops.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Void Shield Generator -- UPDATE!

UPDATE! Clearly, GW has gotten wind of my plans for galactic domination!

Stronghold Assault includes an entry for a Void Shield Generator, the rules for it are pretty cool although a bit vague in places and if interpreted literally (as many do) a bit silly. No model exists for the entry which is described as an impassable building with battlements, so how big is it?  My friendly local T.O. posted up some specific rules on his blog here.  I had already built one model for a shield generator, but I decided to build another according to his specs.