Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rules for Militarus Tempestus Scions and Taurox, Taurox Prime

Can be found here.   Hmm... The Taurox is not Fast, The Taurox Prime is and is also BS4.  The Taurox is at the points cost previously mentioned, a Space Marine in a Rhino; the Prime is two Space Marines more.  So, barring some serious nerfage of the Chimera, I don't see myself replacing Chimeras with Taurox.

Also ridiculous premium for a power weapon on an WS3, S3 humie.  Hotshot Volly Gun is reasonably priced, I think.

And really, an orphan schooled from birth, has the same Ld as a Veteran Guardsman?  Face Palm.

Other nuggets for the IG however, the Vehicle Upgrades!  Cost of a Dozer Blade halved, as is the cost of a Storm Bolter or Heavy Stubber.

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