Friday, March 11, 2016

Commission: Storm Talon Conversion

I was contacted by very pleasant gentleman who asked if I could convert a Storm Talon for him, along the lines of one he'd seen on Dakka Dakka

Absolutely!  Actually it's a  pretty simple conversion  which should look pretty good when completed.

After assembling the cockpit area, I started in on the conversion work; the first step was to flip the tail which requires cutting the fins off of the fuselage halves.  Before re-attaching, I cut the now lower fins to match the line of the trailing edge of the fuselage.

In order to ensure a strong joint and maintain alignment, I created a sort of spar from plasticard.

The fuselage halves with flipped tail:

Next, the wings for this conversion use the tail-plane of the model cut in half, and used in lieu of the little stub wings.

And the stub wings end up on the fuselage at the tail

Overall look:

I offered to magnetize the weapons pods; he sent some magnets, but I opted to use some from my own stock since I want to ensure a secure fit.  The smaller magnets may work but I'm a bit paranoid about magnetized parts falling off.  The magnets inside the pod are 6mm disks, while the magnets on the options are 3mm x 3mm disks.  The magnets are slightly counter-sunk into the options and end up going into the body of the pod -- they end up interlocking as well as pulling the parts together.

Really the last thing to do is to mount the Ravenwing assault cannons on the wing-tips.  One bit that original poster on Dakka failed to mention was that he did a cut and flip on the assault cannon, not hard to do as long as you're careful with the razor saw.

And the finished model with various weapon options:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Old Stuff Day 2016 -- Space Hulk Diorama Completed

Here's my blast from the past  for this year!  Originally from 2012.

Here's the completed Diorama;  Brother Omnio reports mutliple contacts on his auspex, Brother Zael stands ready to purge the adjacent compartment with cleansing flames as Brother Noctis prepares to activate the door.   Sergeant Gideon and Brother Deino stand ready to deal with anything that comes through the door.

A few more shots after the break

The construction article can be found here