Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Old Stuff Day 2016 -- Space Hulk Diorama Completed

Here's my blast from the past  for this year!  Originally from 2012.

Here's the completed Diorama;  Brother Omnio reports mutliple contacts on his auspex, Brother Zael stands ready to purge the adjacent compartment with cleansing flames as Brother Noctis prepares to activate the door.   Sergeant Gideon and Brother Deino stand ready to deal with anything that comes through the door.

A few more shots after the break

The construction article can be found here

This was a lot of fun to build and what's more it's a winner -- It won the contest at my FLGS!


Porky said...

Congratulations on winning it. As they really need to be in a diorama, the arrangement and spacing are done well, and clever - the bulky terminators organising, looking even a little panicky, and only a taster of the space beyond the door. I'm betting there are more than three stealers backed up down the corridors and tunnels, and the fact we only see three also suggests Space Hulk the game itself and all the unidentified blips moving in.

Hudson said...

Thanks, I started out with the idea of building a couple of guardsman, one with an auspex along the lines of Aliens, but then I saw the Space Hulk box sitting there...

I knew that I wanted the Heavy Flamer and the Auspex terminators, everything else was filled in from there.

Ron Saikowski said...

That's great. I love the idea of him getting ready to push the door button to open it.
Congrats on the win too!

Ron, FTW

talmstedt said...

This looks great. Did you think about putting is a control panel for the door? I can really sense the tension of the door starting to open and the Heavy Flamer ready to burst and fry some 'Stealers. Good job!

Hudson said...

Thanks! I was going to put in the control panel, but ran out of time. I decided that the button pusher was far enough in that the lack of a control panel wouldn't be too noticeable. I may yet do that though -- the figures are mounted with carpet tape so I could move them out of the way to add details.