Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vostroyan Transfers

Currently, the only way to get the Vostroyan markings is to either buy the transfer sheet from the Baneblade/Shadowsword or to free-hand it.  I will not claim to be able to free-hand it so I'm limited to using transfers.  Unfortunately, the Transfers on the Baneblade sheet are not necessarily a good size for use on something like a Chimera hull, also the numbers only go up to 3.  The "v" to the left can be scaled up/down to suit and printed out on  ink-jet water-slide paper.  The numbers are even easier -- they match a font in called 'Agent-FB" in  MS Power-Point (and probably other software as well).  Here are some samples of the numbers I developed  to use  on my Vostroyan tanks:
The downside is that white ink is not an option unless you have a now extinct Alps printer available to you (if anybody knows an option for white, please let me know)  Using white background paper is an option, albeit a tricky proposition to blend in.

Another neat trick is to try differ color combos digitally before committing to the model.  Heres my heavily converted Medusa with different color schemes for the numbers:


I'll probably go with the third option as it matches the Vostroyan 'V' the best.