Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ecclesiarch Super Heavy Exorcist -- The Rules

OK, if you follow FTW, you may have seen the Super-Heavy Exorcist(s) that I'm building for my wife. I'll do the second half of the construction post at FTW; what I wanted to pursue here is the data sheet for this monster. I'd like all of you Apocalyptically-inclined folks to help me out here with the data sheet if you could.

The hull is a Baneblade hull so it should follow those armor values. The other weapons; e.g. hull Demolisher cannon, sponson twin-linked Multi-meltas and turret mounted inferno (hellhound) cannons have well established rules; the missile launcher (aka the Pipe-Organ-o-doom) is another matter.

OK, I figure since this thing is larger, uses 2 loader servitors, and larger rockets, that the stats should be upgraded -- maybe 1+ D6 shots S9 AP1 Apocalyptic Barrage. My reasoning on 1+D6 is that with two servitors, it should always be able to get off 2 shots per turn. Thoughts? Overpowered, under powered or about right?

Also I'm looking for help on pointing this thing out -- a standard Baneblade runs 500 pts, should an Ecclesiarch run 600 pts?

I'm also looking at additional special rules like:

Holy Shrine: All Adeptus Sororitas units within 12" gain +1 A and Preferred Enemy as they fight to prevent defilement at the hands of the enemy.

Ok, so the floor is open, what are your thoughts on this beast?

PS, I promise that the rest of the construction article will go up next week.

UPDATE:  The datasheet I've written for the Ecclesiarch can be found here