Monday, February 28, 2011

Fortress of Arrogance

This was actually the first Super-Heavy conversion that I undertook.  My wife loved the Fortress of Arrogance in the Apocalypse book and made me promise to build one.  The FoA is basically a Baneblade with a command deck on top of the turret and some extra bling distributed about the hull.  The command deck is pretty easily constructed using the balcony bits from the Basilica Administratum kit and some Plastruct tread plate.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Great Coat Guard/Hot-Shot Lasguns

I picked up a box of the Wargames Factory Shock Troops to build
some great coated Guardsmen to use as regular troops alongside of my Vostroyan Veterans.   I built and painted up two models as a test and I think they The WGF bodies combined with GW arms and the Pig Iron Winter Militia heads make for some nice unique looking models.

 Since I used GW arms for these guys, I have plenty of the guns that came with the shock troops left over.  Obviously these would make great looking shotguns, but I've also been looking for a modeling solution for  a hot-shot lasgun -- by combining the shotgun with the muzzle piece of the Catachan lasgun I now have pretty heavy-duty looking lasgun.