Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Space Hulk Diorama

My FLGS is having a 40K diorama contest for the 25th Anniversary of 40K.  I decided to build on the success of my earlier Space Hulk terrain project and build a Space Hulk Diorama.  The rules for the competition state that the diorama must fit on a movement tray  -- 20cm x 20cm, have 5-10 models, and have a 40K theme.  I decided that my scene would be 5 terminators preparing to open a bulkhead door with a couple of gene-stealers lurking on the other side of the door, using the figures from the Space Hulk set.
I built the terrain piece first, cutting a 20cm long piece of vinyl gutter.   I then cut a slot for the bulkhead and cut the floor and bulkhead pieces to match.  The doorways are made from gutter down-spout bits cut short with a band-saw.   I added some pipes to set the scene  and add texture in the foreground and along rear wall.  Then I primed the whole thing first with Krylon Fusion Black, then Krylon Ruddy Brown spray primers. I did some preliminary weathering with gray and flat black sprays.



I then picked out the models to use for the terminators and the gene-stealers:  For the terminators, I wanted the heavy-flamer guy ready to cleanse whatever's behind the door, the thunder-hammer sergeant, the guy pointing will be activating the door (replacing the lightning claw guy in this picture), the Auspex guy, and another generic power-fist/storm bolter guy.

For the gene stealers, I knew I wanted the one popping out of the floor, and two others that look like they're climbing the walls.  I plan to paint the figures using the steps outlined by Ron at From the Warp.  Stay tuned...

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