Sunday, April 13, 2014

Astra Militarum codex first look

So I'll look at the new codex by way of comparison to the old codex,  Let's take my NOVA Open 2013 list as a starting point:

Company Command Squad                           50+55+45 =  150
    3x Plasma

Vendetta w/ HB x 2                                        140 x 2    =  280

Infantry Platoon
    PCS w/ 3 x Flamers                                                          45
    SWS w/ 3 x Flamers                                                         50
    4x Infantry Squad with ML                            65 x4   =  260

Veterans w/ 3x Plasma                                                  =   115

Manticore                                                                       =   160
Leman Russ Eradicator w/ 3x HB                                 =   180

Njal                                                                                =   245
Rune Priest                                                                    =   100
10x Grey Hunters w/ 2x melta in Drop Pod                 =   190

Aegis Defense Line with Comms Relay                       =     70

So a nice 1240 points of guard and 605 points of Wolves and Fortifications.  Fortunately, I didn't use any of the now gone options, so I can do a direct comparison:

Astra Militarum:

CCS, Chimera, 3x Plasma    60 + 65 + 45                  =   170

2x Vendetta w/ HB sponsons    (170 + 20)x2             =   380 (OUCH!)

PCS  w/ 3x flamers                                                      =     45
SWS w/ 3x flamers                                                      =     45
4x Inf squad w/ ML                                                     =   260

Veterans w/ 3x Plasma                                                 =  105

Manticore                                                                     =  170
Eradicator w/ 3x HB                                                    =  140

For a grand total of 1315 points, so 75 more points.  So to make this work I need to find 70 points (I was 5 points under after all)  I can get 40 points easily by dropping the HB sponsons on the Vendettas, now I just need 30 more points;  Well, the 100 point Rune Priest is primarily a Divination bot, but then again, I could swap Njal for a level 2 RP with Runic Armor and a chooser for 180 vs Njals 245; that leaves me with 35 points to play with.  Maybe a Priest to join the blob?  Many possibilities, also for the price of the upgrades on the level 2 RP, I could just use a Primaris Psyker
as another divination caster.  Heh, heh, with some juggling I could have a 5 divination psykers just using the AM and SW books.  That's a lot of chances to get the powers you want. 

This is all just minor tweaks to my list from last year; If I go for a complete overhaul, I'm sure I can do better.


Trentat Hawat said...

The thing is you probably want to keep Njal for his 3+ nullify on any psychic power within 24".

It's a great way to tamp down Jetseer-star, Beast-star and Flying Circus lists

Trentat Hawat said...

Now that Manticores are limited to only launching a single missile per turn it's probably better to swap it out for another Russ variant.

You're unlikely to fire off more than a couple of a Manticore's missiles before it gets popped.

Hudson said...

The Storm Eagle rockets on the Manticore still drop D3 large blasts each turn. What's different is that now each rocket counts as a separate weapon -- so a single Weapon Destroyed doesn't take out the whole shebang.