Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The nuclear option

"We got tactical smart missiles, phase plasma pulse rifles, RPGs. We got sonic, electronic ball breakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks."

I originally built this to run as a Vortex Missile in Apocalypse games, I think it has actually gotten a shot off once (it seems to draw a lot of fire for some reason)   I may start including this beast  as a Deathstrike in my lists for the lols if nothing else.

The missile came with a playset that my wife got for my kid, he outgrew it but then Apocalypse came along and re-purposing occurred.

The launcher is an insert that slides into a generic Chimera chassis that has been host to a Hydra and/or a Colossus Mortar, I used a combination of plastic tubing the mount from a dozer blade and some sheet styrene.  It tilts from travel position to launch position.

Getting back to the opening quote, I've got models for all of those goodies, except one... Guess I need to build some Sgts. with power-mauls.


Tiberius Primaris said...

Nice Nuke, we just need to get the other dropship from the Sulaco and Nuke the entire site from orbit.

Hudson said...

I'd love to someday do an entire USCM themed army, with UD-4L's as either Valkyries or Storm Ravens and the APC's as Chimeras or Razor Backs.