Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7th Ed -- What the FOC?

So the news has dropped that 7th Ed will allow for lists that ignore the FOC, and across the internet, people are declaring that THIS is the last straw... THIS is the end of 40K.... Really?  Damn, these folks must be a helluvalot smarter than me to reach this conclusion based on the vague text from White Dwarf.  Let us remember that the current FOC allows such fun things as Seer-Star, Screamer-Star, Centurion-Star, Demon Flying Circus.... um... you get the point.  The article also vaguely states that if you use a FOC list, you get bonuses in game, flipped around that means that non-FOC lists get penalties versus a FOC list.  So in any event, I plan to wait and see the full rules before I start planning the funeral.

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