Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Lit-up Storm Talon Edition

Having lit up a Land Raider, I've now decided to light up a Storm Talon. There are a lot of potential things to light up on the Talon, the main engine exhausts, the hover nozzles the instrument panel and the headlight; I opted for all of the above.

As on my Storm Raven, I opted to put the batteries in the base and run the power using buss wire in the inside corners.

Before putting the LEDS in, I primed and painted the parts immediately around the LED's to avoid inadvertantly painting them.

First up were the hover nozzles, I opted for red LEDs here using some hot-glue as a diffuser.  The hot-glue was an idea given to me by the guys at Powered Play at the NOVA Open.  This is also where I plan to make the connection to the conductors in the base.

Next are the engine nacelles; I opted to allow the nacelles to rotate which required some finagling to route the wires.

The remaining candidates for lighting are the instrument panel and the headlight, ,a blue LED to get the glow of the panel.

Last up is the headlight; a nice bright white LED here.

And the finished product, the first model for my White Scars


Tiberius Primaris said...

That looks Awesome, you did a great job.

Hudson said...

Thanks, glad you like it.