Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bitz Box Coteaz with 50% more grim-dark

A while back, I acquired most of a fine-cast Coteaz model; I had the body and the hammer.  However, I
was missing the left hand and the psyber-eagle.

Well, I hate to let bitz go to waste, and I needed a Coteaz model, so I cast about my bitz box and came up with a left arm holding a power sword that could be set to just the right angle on Coteaz' shoulder.

The bird however was another matter.  I did have a skeletal vulture on hand-- well what's more grim-dark than a cybernetic buzzard?  Nothing.

 So here's the new and improved Coteaz -- now with 50% more grim-dark than the regular Coteaz.

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