Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stretched Stormraven Part 2

In Part 1, I covered stretching the Stormraven and lighting.  I left off with figuring out what to do with the batteries.  I decided to mount the batteries on the base for a couple of reasons:  first, I didn't like the idea of having to retrieve the batteries from inside the model in order to change them, second, I didn't like the idea of putting that much additional weight up on top of the flying stand. 

My first thought was to use parts of the crashed Aquila Lander from the old Battle for Macragge starter set; ultimately I couldn't fit the 3 AAA battery pack under any of the bits in a way that would fit on the base.  Looking around, I found a disused Leman Russ hull that had once been a Looted Wagon in my son's Ork army -- perfect.

Here's the boring electrical stuff -- the red LED helps in debugging the connection to the model as it can be a bit finicky.

I opened up most of the bottom of the hull and expanded the turret ring hole slightly to allow the flying stand to fit throught.  The bottom of the clear flying stand ended up getting slimmed down a bit to allow the batteries to fit.  The Russ itself I decided to decorate as a Traitor Guard tank using some Chaos sigils etc

Here's how it looks all painted up

And the Stormraven itself:

And of course the reason for the base, the lights

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