Monday, August 27, 2012

Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnaught

Some years ago, Dave Taylor built a beautiful Custodes army, one of my favorite models from that army was a Dreadnaught converted from the Throne of Judgement.  I happened to have a Throne of Judgement lying around that I had scavenged parts from, so I decided to use it to build a Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnaught.

 To build the sarcophagus, I obtained  the bit from the plastic ven-dread kit from a bitz seller. I wanted the pieces to look sufficiently grey knight-ish, so I got the helmeted head from the Dread Knight kit.  Lastly, I wanted to build this as a rifle-man dread, after looking around, I settled on using the reaper autocannon from the Defiler kit -- Reaper autocannon on a Grey Knights model?  HERESY!

To de-chaos the reapers, I removed the bayonets and filed off some of the spikes, then I covered up the Demon mouth with a magazine from the IG Heavy Weapons set.

The arms holding the autocannon were built using the hydraulic cylinders from the IG Vehicle accessory sprue, the searchlight from the same source and some plastic tubing cut at an angle.

And a few paint-in-progress shots:


Charging Carnifex said...

That is one nice looking dread. Good job, makes a great center piece for your army. And of choose there of the benefit of being about to put it in a sock and use it in self defense because of the metal throne. Keep up the good work!

Hudson said...

lol, I do seem to like heavy-metal in my dreads -- I used the old metal ven-dread for my space-wolves. Thanks!!

davetaylor said...

Oh my goodness, that looks great! Very cool dreadnaught and great cutting to fit the sarcophargus into the seat. Well done.


Hudson said...

Thank you very much, Dave. Your models have been a great inspiration!