Monday, July 15, 2013

Apocalypse Now! (or two days ago)

I played my first game with the new Apocalypse book this weekend.  They've included some new rules that  mirror things like Warlord Traits, and some new strategic assets, and toned down some of the more broken rules like Flank March.  I really haven't used all of the rules but in general I thought that the game played a bit more smoothly than games in the previous version Apocalypse.  I'm still digesting the rules and will be adding some things to use some of the new formations.  After calculating the new points  I found that I could only field my 3 super heavies in my 2K allotment; some of my teammates were somewhat under, however which allowed me to add in some other toys :) 

Overall, I like the new rules.  I ran the Shadowsword to try out the new D-weapon rules -- oddly enough it didn't seem that overpowering, I think the most it did was ping off 3 hull points in any given shot.   The Fortress of Arrogance took a strength D hit from an Orbital Strike and only lost a hull point. 

Fortress of Arrogance and Hellhammer protecting the Deathstrike...  As usual the Deathstrike died first (that's its job -- look scary and draw fire :))

 Incoming Ork Fliers!  (Glad I have a Hydra!)
Ork Super Heavies on the move (Thse models are very nicely done -- it was a shame to see them die!)
 The battle line

Finally some solo photos of a my super-heavies:




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Mordian7th said...

Very cool! Looks like it was a fun game, always nice to see the Fortress of Arrogance out crushing the enemies of mankind!