Monday, July 8, 2013

Shadow Sword/Storm Lord/ ...

With the new Apocalypse book coming out, I figured it would be a good time to (finally) finish up my Shadow Sword/Storm Lord/etc.
Making this beast convertible between the various options is actually rather easy, first I made rails to hold the front/rear deck:

 The front/rear deck is held in place by the turret superstructure, which is in turn held in place with magnets in either the forward or aft position. 

Making the main weapon swappable requires cutting a notch in the underside of the housing to allow that big peg in the turret to slide through,  magnets then hold the various weapon options in place

I also made the sponsons swappable by opening up the hole in the strut and putting a magnet in.  Each weapon then got a corresponding magnet (watch the polarity!) .  The weapons are joined with a piece of square tubing at the front;  this allows the weapons assembly to slide in to the sponson and just be held by the magnets

Whichever variant I'm using, I store the extra bits in the hull

And here in is in all it's blinged-up Vostroyan glory

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