Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ecclesiarch Number 3

Yep, I'm building another.  I've been commissioned to build the third one of these beauties.  When it's done I'll take a family portrait with it's sisters and the babies (regular Exorcists) just for grins. The other two can be seen here and here


Here's a few WIP shots of the pipe-organ and the upper hull plate .

I used a template to lay out the pipe organ before, but to make life easier on me, this time I put a few pieces of dowel rod to hold every other of the big pipes in place while gluing.

 Here I've added the smaller inner pipes, the pipes are numbered to keep me sane (ish)

Here I've attached the statue castings (done in 3 pieces to fit the curves.), It's sitting on the upper hull plate with the layout template, the pipes are held in place with a piece of tubing coming up through the hull plate.  This piece gets stretched slightly to accommodate the organist piece and front hull plate from the Exorcist model.


Greg Hess said...

I need emoticons to express my joy at seeing this. O_O

Hudson said...


Wessick said...

Greatly appreciated for the work you are putting in.

I look forward to seeing the family picture.

James Stonhold said...

Hi There , I have been working on a version of your Sisters Super Heavy for a little while now .Thanks you for the Inspiration! I have found it tricky cutting the organ pipes and the Exocist Loaders to suit. Have you any tips that you would like to share
( and the updated Data Sheet for the model)?