Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I couldn't help myself when I saw the Scion Commander with the big coat; it just screamed "CREEEEEEEEEED !" to me.  So, I endeavored to make a sort of Vostroyan Creed (Creedokov? Creedin?", and of course a Kell to go with him.  Two of the Scion beret heads have nice mustaches (it's part of the Vostroyan uniform, you know) so I chose the most grandiose mustache to be Creed and the other to be Kell.

For Creed, I wanted to portray his being armed with two hotshot laspistols.  The dagger in the left-hand didn't really say Creed to me, so instead I went with a laspistol from a Cadian sprue; the coat hides the back of the pistol allowing it to pass for a hotshot.  The only real other modification for the model was to sculpt a fur hat over the beret.

Kell required a bit more modification, first off, to look a bit more Vostroyan, he needed a longer coat, courtesy of green stuff; here, I wanted to make the coat long enough to fit the Vostroyan look but short enough to keep all of the armor details on the leg visible

For Kell's left arm, I went with the Baton arm, and grafted the power sword to it.  The right arm holding the regimental standard is the power fist of course, with the thumb removed and replaced with green stuff to allow Kell to grip the standard. 


Greg Hess said...

It's amazing how just a bit of green stuff work here or there...and suddenly you have entirely different personalities to your models.

Looking great, can't wait to see these guys painted up. The guy with the dual las pistols is my fav by far.

Hudson said...

Thanks! I won't be able to paint him until I finish a commission I've taken on.

thomas lorenz said...

I haven't seen any update since 2014. Is anything here 7th edition?