Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ecclesiarch #3 - WIP Update #1

Just thought I'd post a WIP update on the Ecclesiarch commission. I completed the hull modifications  needed to mount the organist's cockpit and the front plate by lengthening the upper hull by a 1/4" or so, then building a deck from sheet styrene to mount it on.

Next up was mounting the metal plates from the Exorcist on the sides of the tracks, unfortunately, I didn't get any in progress pictures of this, but it involves milling out recesses for the protrusions on the backs of the plates.  I really hate metal to plastic joints so I really tend to over-engineer them to make sure they don't come apart.  Then I put the tracks together.

The next big job was putting together the icon plates, these are made from castings of the Fleur-de-Lis from the Exorcist/Immolator kit and the wall-o-skulls from the Imperial Basilica kit, framed with some Evergreen C-channel. The whole thing is built on a piece of sheet styrene then glued to the sides of the tracks.

Now I'll move on to the sponson weapons.  That's all for now.


Greg Hess said...

Nice progress! Looks great! That is one heck of an organ!

Hudson said...

That's what she said... (sorry, couldn't resist)