Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For the Khan!

I've been working adding to the White Scars lately, specifically bikers:

I love painting white.

I followed the recipe for espoused by TheApatheticFish here

Pretty standard loadout of Grav-guns, multi-melta and Sergeant with a Combi-Grav.

I need a HQ, of course, in this case a Chapter Master, so I converted one, heavily inspired by this guy, done by Ron Saikowski:
Hey if you're gonna imitate, imitate the best.

 I included the fur collar/cape thing for a feral look and a big honking knife (for cutting the ritual scars, you know)

The hardest part of this model was the epic 'stache.   I think I'll call him Chin-Gahtay Khan.


Greg Hess said...

That guys mustache is super epic! Really nice work hudson!

Hudson said...

Thanks Greg, there were a number of times when I was going just let him be clean-shaven, but then I'd look again at the pic of the one Ron did and say "Nope, he's gotta have the mustache"

Greg Hess said...

It was well worth it I think. Everyone will be envious :).

Hudson said...

A special treat for Movember