Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NOVA Open -- The games / Results

So a bit about the Games -- not so much bat reps as the highlights... But first here's my list:

Co. Cmd Squad, 4x Grenade Launchers, Astropath, Chimera
Inq. Lord, Hood, Tarot, BP, CCW, 2x Mystics, Acolyte
Psyker Battle Squad, 8x Psykers, Overseer, Chimera
Hellhound, Hull Multimelta
Vets, 3x Melta, BP on Sarge, Chimera
Vets, 3x Melta, BP on Sarge, Chimera
Vets, 2x Plasma, Autocannon, Chimera
Vets, 2x Plasma, Autocannon, Chimera
Heavy Spt
Medusa, Enc Crew
Medusa, Enc Crew

Game 1 was against Chumby of  Blackjack and Hookers fame and his Wolves.  Man, he gave me a right drubbing.  Highlight:  Killing all 3 of his Thunderwolf Cav.  Fine opponent and a gracious victor. May have to give that list a try with my own wolves...

Game 2 was against an Eldar guy who claimed to have only been playing 40K for a few weeks... OK, sure, whatever -- not something I'd say to someone until after the game -- otherwise it seems like you're trying to feign inexperience.  Game went to 3rd tie-breaker. I lost.  Highlight:  decimating my own Psyker Battlesquad due to Runes of Warding.  Just had to laugh about that.

Game 3 was against Nids (BTW a very nice looking Nid army).  I love the smell of promethium in the morning... it's the smell of victory.   Hellhound was the MVP of the game roasting gaunts like it was cool.  Highlight:  My opponents good humor.  A decisive win for me.

Game 4 was against a very nice young man with a very nicely painted CSM army -- I'm surprised it only finished slightly ahead of me on painting actually.  A win for me.  The labor-intensive Manticore finally pulled its weight by busting some rhinos. Actually, I think my opponent made a huge mistake by out-flanking his Chosen on the opposite side from the Manticore,  Highlight/Hilarity:  Medusa shot drifted onto one of my own chimeras -- rolling high IS NOT always better. Won anyway.

In terms of pure competetive score, I finished 49th out of 88.  In terms of combined score (compet + paint + sportsmanship) I finished 15th.  Not bad.

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