Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photographing Miniatures

I won't claim to take the best pictures of my mini's, but I think I take adequate pictures.  My setup is pretty simple:  a gooseneck desk-lamp with a Daylight CFL bulb, some olive felt that I also use as a gaming surface, and a piece of light blue styrene that I use as a reflector to break up shadows. As for the camera, I use a GE A1050 which was a bargain at 50 bucks.

 The camera sits on a small tabletop tripod.  One trick that I've found is that it's best to not point the light directly at the mini's but slightly over it.  I usually have the light off to the right, then I use my left hand to position that piece of styrene you see in the corner off camera to reflect light into any shadows that I want to eliminate I can also lean the reflector against the tripod legs.  I occasionally will throw a small box under the felt to use as a stage for the
minis being photographed.

For 'post production', I just use the picture manager tool that comes with windows to crop, adjust, etc the pictures. all pretty basic.

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