Friday, March 16, 2012

3D Vehicle Icons

I really grew accustomed to 3D vehicle icons when I did the Ecclesiarch and Fortress of Arrogance conversions.  I decided to dress up my Vostroyan vehicles with 3D icons modeled after the 'V' icon on the Baneblade transfer sheet.  It's a pretty neat looking emblem with the possibility for some nice texture.

I started by applying one of the large insignia from the Baneblade sheet  to a sheet of plasticard -- this will serve as the template for the shape.  I actually want a slightly smaller version but I'm using the large transfer to get the angles right.  I then cut out a piece of clear plastic from a blister pack (Yarrick, in this case) and taped that over the transfer to use as a substrate for the emblem.

To create the heavy 'I-beam' effect of the left side of the 'V', I went with a piece of 0.060" C-Channel, the rest of the emblem is simply 1-mm rod.  I laid down the left leg on top of  the corresponding piece of the transfer.    The rest of the icon was cut from the 1-mm rod and glued down over the transfer.   The last step was to add the skull between the two legs of the 'V'; easily accomplished using the 'Winged Skull' icon from the vehicle accessory sprue.

With the master completed, I heated up some water to soften a piece of insta-mold to create the mold to cast green-stuff versions of the emblem.  Here's the first cast:

Not too shabby, though I might see what I can do about improving the depth of the eyes on the skull. I'll update on the next attempt.   I also need to see where I can obtain Blue Stuff like Ron at From the Warp uses.  I'm curious to compare that to Insta-Mold.


Ron Saikowski said...

Blu-Stuff is the way to go for this hands down. You'll get an almost perfect mold of it.

Ron, FTW

GDMNW said...


Hudson said...

Thanks, I'll see about getting some.