Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winning a Painting Contest, In Spite of Myself

My FLGS held a painting competition this past Saturday.  In preparation, I've spent the last two or three weeks lovingly re-converting (more on that in another post) and painting my Ragnarok pattern Leman Russ.  Finished painting it yesterday morning.

 Packed it up in a nice padded box and drove off to my FLGS.  Get to my FLGS and realize... I forgot to bring the silly box.  Well, my FLGS is about 45 minutes from home and I was playing in a small tournament at the store so driving home to get the thing wasn't really an option; great.

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The manager, said I could enter something else, so I start looking through my figure case, the manager points at the Vostroyan Regimental Standard Bearer and says "why don't you enter him?"  Sure, why not?  Winning was determined by folks in the store voting over the course of the day.  At the end of the day, I'd won.  I was pretty surprised, really, we have some nveryfine painters in our store, including my son. 

So here are the other entries:

Taher's awesome Nid

My Son's Conrad Von Carstein

A magically delicious Crisis Suit

Beastman model

LOTR Model

And here's the model I originally intended to enter:

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