Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New 40K Flyers -- My take

 So the new flyers are officially out (or will be soon) So I just wanted to give my take.
I think it's worth noting that the rules for the new models for the Ork and Space Marines are listed as a Codex Update -- could this be the way of the future for introducing new toys to the Codices?  Hope so.

I Think that the Ork flyers are pitch perfect.  They fit right in with the current Forge World models like the Fighta-Bomma, and Orkiness aside, actually look like plausible flying machines.

 Hmmm.... great conversion potential here, "Da Vulcha" anyone?

Next up, the Doomscythe and the Nightscythe.

OK, so as some wag over at Faeit212 said, it looks like GW filed the serial numbers off of a Cylon Raider, but still it looks like what we expect a Necron ship to look like. 

Which brings us at last to the Storm Talon.  I don't know what it is, but whoever designs the Space Marine flyers needs to look in the dictionary for the word 'proportion'.  Like the Storm Raven before it, this thing just looks wrong -- The engines look too small -- I'd make them the same diameter as the Valkyrie or Storm Raven engines. 

Next the fuselage is too short for the weapons load that this vehicle has.  Really, the sponsons with the heavy bolters/las-cannon should be back underneath the wings, and I'd lengthen the fuselage by the same amount.  This would allow the chin turret to be much closer to the underside of the fuselage.  Finally,  for the love of the Emperor why are there landing skids on the turret?

I fully expect to see Chapterhouse do a tru-scale conversion like they did for the Storm Raven.  I might have to do one myself.  Maybe once I see some good 3-view shots, I can start mocking one up

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