Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tale of 4(ish) Gamers

 My FLGS is running a "Tale of 4(ish) Gamers"... The (ish) is because we actually have about 8 folks signed up to do Fantasy, and exactly 4 to do 40K.  I signed up to fill out the 40K side since we were short one gamer.  Not really wanting (or needing) to invest a bunch of money in new models, especially when I have too many un-built models around the house, I decided to go with Grey Knights.

Fortunately, I already have a couple of un-built Razorbacks, a Storm Raven, about 16  of the old metal GK Termies and 12 or so metal PAGK's lying around.

Here's my first 500 pts, yep, Draigo and friends; a whopping 5 models:

To dress up the bases a bit, I added some casting scraps from building the Fortress of Arrogance and Ecclesiarch Skull murals.

For the next 500 pts, I'll build out the rest of the Paladins.

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