Friday, June 15, 2012

Yet another Hydra Conversion

With 6 Ed around the corner and flyers figuring to be a big factor,I've finally decided to take a crack at a Hydra conversion.  Of course, there's no way that I'm going to take the easy route of just slapping a Aegis defense line gun, pedestal and all, onto a chimera -- it just looks wrong.

  Originally, I had planned to do a Half-track along the lines of my Manticore.  However, other folks have already gone there, and done it quite well so I'm going to take a different tack.  A ZSU-23-4 is an obvious choice, but the turret is a bit too modern looking to fit in next to my Medusas, the Ragnarok, and the Manticore.

Searching the list of Russian WW II vehicles, I find the ZSU-37, which has the right sort of aesthetics;  with a bit of modification to the front of the turret, the quad autocannon from the Aegis Defense Line should fit nicely.

Or the ZSU-37-2 for that matter:

In the end I opted for the ZSU-37-2.  First I created the following templates, I left them on the original drawing to illustrate the process

Here's the basic turret, flooring installed in case I decide to make the interior visible,  The magnet on the rear holds a radar dish from the Apocalypse command sprue in place.

 I cut down the pedestal for the guns to fit the space, some what trial and error.
 For the chassis, I obtained a basic chimera chassis from The War Store,  I built in the ability to slide an insert into the chassis.

The turret will mount to this box, with a Razorback top hatch.   I use a 25 mm base glued to the bottom of the turret as the pivot  

Still need to add some details to the turret, but here's the general idea:

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