Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Axe Men

Since Power axes are all the rage now for IG sergeants, I decided to build a few great coats with power axes.

 My first thought was to simply use the hatchets from the Empire Militia sprue to replace the chainswords on the Cadian sergeants, unfortunately the Cadian sergeants all use their chainswords left-handed while the hatchets are all right-handed.  Admittedly, the hatchets can be grafted at the haft to the left hand but, this is an immense pain and the result is usually somewhat fragile; a better solution would be to find a nice left-handed axe-hand that can be grafted at the wrist.  Turns out that the only human left-handed axe is from the Chaos warrior sprue but fortunately they can be obtained cheaply from the various btiz-sellers.  It's easy enough to scrape off the more 'Chaos-y' iconography. Be advised that the Chaos warrior hands are Catachan huge, so some finesse will be needed to fit the hands to Cadian arms.

Here's the rest of the crew:


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