Monday, February 18, 2013

Death From the Skies Sold Out?

Happened to notice that Death From the Skies is now listed as unavailable on the GW Website.  I can only assume it's sold out which is a little surprising considering the skepticism about what's in the book.


talmstedt said...

Maybe it is a hype thing. Make it sell out so blogs talk about it and increase interest. Or the other way. Sales were so bad they went back to the publisher to renegotiate a deal for less quantity. Who knows, I would not put it past GW to do either. (do they publish their own stuff?)

Hudson said...

After I noticed that, I went scouting around some of the other blogs to see if someone had gotten a great leak on the contents or something. Alternatively, maybe they took such a bath on 'Crusade of Fire' that they decided to do a short run for the first printing of 'Skies of Death'.