Monday, August 19, 2013

1850 RTT at Huzzah Hobbies (8/18/13)

I entered my NOVA list in an 1850 RTT this weekend at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn VA yesterday.  In prep for the NOVA, we were using terrain and missions from the NOVA primer.  I ended up going 1 and 2, vs Space Wolves, Demons and Eldar. I did however walk away with best painted! (I'll take that!  and a $25 gift certificate) 

First a bit of a plug for Huzzah; they're running the only regular 40K RTT series in Northern VA that I know of -- the third Sunday of every month.  Any given month they use the tournament packet for whichever is the next big GT coming which in addition to helping out folks who are planning to go to that GT get some practice, also gives folks a chance to test drive the next GT.  Huzzah gives a 10% discount on GW product.

The first game was 5 objectives Vanguard Strike deployment vs Drop-Podding Space Wolves with Logan, 2 Rune Priests, a unit of Long Fangs and Grey Hunters.  I won that one when my opponent lost mission focus and kept dropping his pods on my home objective, allowing my podding Grey Hunters,  and Vendetta-riding SWS and PCS to take the other two.

The second game was vs Demons; Fateweaver, 2 Flying DP's, screamers and pink horrors, ignominious loss.   Very nicely painted army -- probably my main competition for best appearance, from what I saw.  It was the highly converted nature of my army (the Manticore and the KV-2 Russ) though, that made the difference.

The third game was Iyanden Eldar with a Wraithknight as his Warlord and another Wraithknight, Wave Serpent spam and Warp Spiders, lost this one, did manage to down one Wraith Knight (not the Warlord) with Missiles (the RPG's will not be denied!) and all but one of the Wave Serpents.  I don't know which I hate more, Wraith Knights or Wave Serpents.  Having faced those damn things now, I don't want to hear any complaints if Faeit's rumor about Baneblades being in the IG codex turn out to be true.

All in all a good tournament, my opponents were generally cool, and learning (on my part) did occur.

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