Saturday, August 17, 2013

NOVA bound

 After getting my employment situation straightened out (found out in May that I was due to get laid-off in
July, ended up being un-employed for all of 2 days -- whew!) I've decided to attend the NOVA open this year.  Now what to take?

Well, I'm not the type to FOTM so it will be IG and SW.  Yeah, I know, that's so early 6th ed.  I'll probably get rolled by all the Tau, Eldar, Tau-Dar, but what the hell; I can laugh at all the Tau players next month once Sternguard start crushing Riptides under their own weight with combi-grav guns.

So here's what I'm thinking about:

IG (Primary Detachment)

     CCS, 3x Plasma, Chimera

     Vet Squad, 3x Plasma

     Infantry Platoon

         PCS with 3x Flamers

         4 x  Infantry Squad with Missile Launcher
          (because RPG-7's look cool)

         SWS with 3x Flamers

     Vendetta with HB Sponsons

     Vendetta with HB Sponsons


     Leman Russ Eradicator with HB Sponsons

SW (Allied Detachment)

     Njal in Runic Armor

     Rune Priest (Living Lightning, JOTW)

     10 GH with 2x Melta in a Pod


     Aegis Defense Line with Comms Relay

Njal is of course there to make the weather lousy for my opponent.  The other Rune Priest is there to either cast JOTW if I keep his codex powers or to cast Prescience if I go for Divination.  The lone squad of Grey Hunters is there to pod in if the opportunity presents, or just to add some resilient troops.    I decided to go with a Manticore since rocket artillery is cool (and very Russian).  The Eradicator is there to ruin the day of anything relying on cover (like Pathfinders).

The nice thing about this list is that it really doesn't require me to do any major building, just a bit of touch-up on some existing models, convert up a Nova Cannon for my Ragnarok Russ and paint up the ADL and the comms relay.

Of course, knowing me, I'll get an 'inspired' idea the weekend before which will require major 11th hour hobbying.

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