Monday, February 29, 2016

And I'm back (Update)

Last year after setting a bunch of lofty hobby goals for 2015, I promptly dropped them all.  I really just stopped being all that into 40K, and focused most of my free time on playing RPG's (DnD, Dark Heresy, Only War and Rogue Trader) and building/refinishing guitars, both of which kept me pretty busy.  This was my big guitar project last year:

Magnetizing the weapons of course was a given.  Also, since there's so much room in the carapace, lighting immediately came to mind;  So 'old blue eyes' here will also have  a machine spirit;  an Arduino Nano, that I'll write the software for, to make things interesting.

I'll  be playing in the Hammer in the New Year tournament so of course I want to have this beast ready. Deadlines are good; they keep you focused (or panicked)

Not content with that, I also want to add a Forge World unit, a Quad Mortar Battery, a la Vostroya, which of course means rockets; like this:

And just to be cheesy, a couple of White Scars librarians for a Conclave.

How much time do I have?

------ Edit ----

Finished the Knight  in time and got the Quad Mortars done, but ended up using a couple of SW models as stunt-doubles for the White Scars Libbies.  Anyway, here are some pics of the Knight:



talmstedt said...

You can do it! Just keep posting awesome pics!~

talmstedt said...
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Hudson said...

Thanks! The knight is done. I'll post pictures tonight (and a movie to show the machine spirit in action). Next are the RPU-14's

Greg Hess said...

Nice Hudson! I'll be at the Hammer as well!