Monday, February 29, 2016

Your punishment will be more severe

I missed out on buying a punisher cannon when they could be easily obtained through the various
bits-sellers, now of course the damn things are as rare as hen's teeth.  Since I want to try out Pask in a Punisher, I decided to build my own to go on my Ragnarok/Russ.

The mantlet was a spare demolisher mantlet that I had lying around, I attached a piece of  3/8" ID tube to serve as a mount for the gatling gun.  The gatling gun itself is 6 pieces of 3/32" tubing around a 1/8" hexagonal rod.  I added a couple of slices of the hex rod on to the mantlet to add detail to the spots where I cut off the demolisher cannon shock absorbers.  I added a piece of round rod to the hex pieces to give the look of a bolt.

I plan to leave the gatling gun removable so that the mantlet can be used to mount a battle cannon or  a vanquisher cannon as well.

And all painted up:

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