Monday, March 21, 2011

More Greatcoats

My first platoon of greatcoats are ready to be primed; well at least the troops are.  This platoon will be lead by Al-Rahem or at least my great-coated interpretation.  Al or Alexei Romanov as I'm calling him is still a WIP.  First up is the platoon command squad with 3 meltas.

Next we have the balance of the first squad that goes with the prototypes that I posted up here

And finally the second squad.

I decided to portray these guys as a rather motley hive-militia auxiliary to the First Born Veterans  hence they get an eclectic mix of lasguns scrounged from the battlefield including Catachan and Steel Legion las-carbines.  If I build another squad, I'll throw in a few lasguns from the Necromunda weapons sprue.


UPDATE:  Wargames Factory has re-opened their web-store so it looks like the great coat shock troops will continue to be available.


COTBT said...

I really like your Sgt with pistol and cap. Great posing.

I use pig iron heads too. 100% better for my purposes than cadian heads.

the coats match their cossak hats.
but they look more like light coats, by they way their movement is implied.

RonSaikowski said...

Squad looks good. I like the way the y look in real life too. They are a near perfect match to the GW parts and someone like me who doesn't play Guard would have trouble finding a difference.


Hudson said...

Thanks, these guys are a lot of fun to build up -- I'm glad that I have so many Cadian spare parts to play mix and match with.

Rath of Un said...

I have have been gathering parts to start making a IG army with the Great Coats Miniatures. Those look nice, have you decided on a color yet? I am torn between, a Grey Base, or Tan...

Hudson said...

Thanks Rath. I went with a tan scheme that matches my tanks. There's link to the painted prototypes for the first squad: