Thursday, April 14, 2011

Al Rahem

 The great coats will be lead by Al Rahem (or Alexei Romanov to fit the theme) .   Since he's a special character he's being built up to be, well especially characterful.  First off, I'm using the great-coat legs from the Cadian command squad box.  They fit in with the other WGF great coats while looking a bit more up-scale what with him being an officer and all.

 For the torso, I went with the medals torso -- hey, he's a hero of the Imperium, right?  Al is equipped with a plasma pistol so that was a gimme.

The sword however was different story -- it's a power weapon that causes instant death, so it needed to look a bit out of the ordinary so I looked at the fantasy range, specifically Vampire Counts and Dark Elves to find a blade that would look sinister without looking too Chaos-y.  I ultimately went with the Vamp Counts blade.

Finally, Al's head -- I could have gone with one of the pig-iron heads and he would have easily fit in.  But, he is an SC and as such, I didn't feel that the gas mask would work -- characters should have faces.  I looked at a few guard heads from the Cadian command squad sprue, the Baneblade sprue and so on, but none really worked for me. So off to the Empire bits -- and found this one.  This rather rugged looking gent has a lot of character, and should paint up nicely.  The helm gives me a good line to sculpt the fuzzy hat to.

The skull for the cap badge is a greenstuff casting of the skull from the shoulder pad that I'm using on the left shoulder.  To sculpt the hat, I first created the basic shape with greenstuff, and then added the skull to the to the still uncured base.  Next I added a wrap of greenstuff to use to texture into fur. 

 And here he is with all the pieces together,  still need to flock the base then I'll start painting.


Anonymous said...

That's a wicked conversion man, I'm looking forward to seeing this guy painted up.

Hudson said...

Thanks, I'll be posting up Al and the rest of his platoon painted up soon.