Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Al Rahem painted

Busy past couple of weekends have kept me from doing anything to post up.  But here are a couple of pics of my Al Rahem stand-in all painted up. 

I went with the lightning effect on the power sword using a red/orange color.  What do you all think?  Would I be better off with a purple or blue scheme. 

.  Now I just need to get the rest of the platoon painted.


Tallarn said...

The hat is well done, will make a good officer for your army. Nice work!

The sword is a bit too 'chaos-y' for my taste but to each his own! Nice work.

Hudson said...

Thanks, I think I've found my niche -- sculpting furry hats.

I continue to vacillate on the sword; if I can get my hands on a good bit from the new tomb kings sprues, I might replace it.