Monday, May 16, 2011

Plastic Storm Trooper - My version

Here's my prototype storm trooper.  He's made from Cadian torso/legs, green stuff, Wargames factory Shock Troop shotgun arm modified with the muzzle from a Catachan lasgun, and the ever popular Pig Iron head.  More on the conversion process after the jump.

I was looking to build my stormies from the Cadian plastics but still theming them to fit with the Vostroyans and the greatcoat IG I was also building.  I decided to start with the legs by lengthening the Cadian field jacket to about the same length as the coat on the Steel Legion troops but keeping it short enough to fit with the Spec Ops flavor -- a full-on greatcoat wouldn't work so well with the airborne mission.

To start, I shaved the pockets off of the legs to keep the extended coat from bulging out strangely

I then added added the extended jacket using greenstuff, and shaped the hem.

Orginally, I had planned to just add green-stuff knee pads, but while  scouring my fantasy bits box for an interesting head for Al Rahem, I came upon these:  armor bits from the old empire state troops sprue -- perfect for the leg armor.

I could only find one pair in my bits box and they're OOP to the best of my knowledge, so time for insta-mold and greenstuff. 

When I orignally modified the WGF shotgun into a hotshot lasgun, I did minimal trimming on the shotgun -- when assembled with the torso and legs however, it just looked too long -- more like a heavy weapon than a assault weapon.  so I cut it back significantly.

For the upper torso I added a couple of the large Space Marine pouches for backpacks and the WGF ammo pouches on the belt.

Last I assembled the whole shebang, added a holster since all stormies have a pistol and painted up the prototype.....


talmstedt said...

Wow, that is a lot of work for one mini! It looks awesome! Good job.

Hudson said...
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Hudson said...

Thanks, Yeah it's a lot of work fortunately only 9 more to go :). Actually, the first one is the hardest, then I go into production mode and it gets easier since I know what I want to do.

talmstedt said...

That makes sense. I guess it is just an expanded from of putting together a model. Keep up the good work and post some pics when you are done, you are on my reader now, so I will not miss it.

Hudson said...

Thanks. I'll post up the rest of the 2 squads once they're done (might be a while :))

Anonymous said...

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