Monday, July 11, 2011

Storm Troopers Ready for Paint

A quick update on my two squads of Storm Troopers; the building and conversion work is done.  I included the prototype with the remainder of his squad.  One thing about Stormies; unlike most other IG units, the Sergeant has the exact same equipment as the Squad, so I used the posing as the means of distinguishing the Sarge from his squad.   In this squad, he's waving his squad forward, while in the other squad the sergeant is pointing at their (destination/target/whatever)

I realized rather belatedly that I missed an opportunity for distinguishing one squad from the other -- the ear flaps on the hats; up versus down.  I'll just have to do it with the color of the fur trim on the hats instead, like I did with the Vostroyans.


Menzies Tank said...

Excellent models, especially the use of the Alien Suns / shock troop range! (Plus your previous post re: psyker battle squad, your models are ace! Love the glowing green eyes)..

Hudson said...

Thanks. Like your Penal Legionnaires as well.